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Automated tools for lipid bilayer electrophysiology and membrane biophysics

Our Ionotec product line offers instrumentation, consumables, and services centered around membrane biophysics.  Choose between two options of automated lipid bilayer workstations:

The Ionovation Scout is our second generation of automated lipid bilayer instruments. It picks up the traditional concept of a vertical membrane between two easy accessible compartments for electrophysiological measurements. With its collection of pre-defined experiments and tools to monitor the membrane status it turns lipid bilayer experiments into a routine technique, no longer reserved to the expert.

The Ionovation Explorer has brought the lipid bilayer membrane into the working distance of modern high N/A microscope objectives. The unique "Stage Unit" of the instrument fits on any inverted microiscope. The special design of the bilayer chamber allows lipid bilayer experiments combined with optical methods (depending on the microscope). Even advanced optical techniques like TCSPC are possible and lead to a new level of scientific insights. With perfusable chamber compartments and the exact control of the membrane potential the Explorer is the tool of choice for membrane biophysicists.

The Ionovation Thermomaster is now available for "Scout" and "Explorer". Control the temperature in the bilayer chamber and record temperature traces corresponding to current and voltage. Heating (max 50°C) allows inducing lipid phase transitions or force up fusion rates. Gain new insights with ion channel recordings at physiological temperatures. Cool the chamber (min 10°C) to slow down ion channel kinetics, interactions and the membrane fluidity. 



Lipophilisation leads to better membrane permeation 

The IonoChem product line consists of a range of chemically modified molecules and respective services, all closely connected to our membrane biophysics activities and experience.

We taylor the lipophilic properties of chemical agents and influence their capacity to permeate membranes, ultimately enhancing e.g. the drugability of these agents.

It is obvious that lipid modifications and their influence on and interaction with biomembranes needs tools for investigation. Here´s where IonoChem and IonoTec go in synergy. The success of the Ionochem modifications described above can be easily monitored in vitro with the help of our IonoTec products.